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Quick PDF Library - Full control of PDF documents in Clarion application

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Order Now
Library 12 + Clarion prototypes + sample apps:   $499.00
Library 12 + Clarion prototypes + sample apps + PDF Icetips Previewer templates support +
Library Class wrapper:   $549.00 (Icetips Previewer Templates must be purchased separately.)
Upgrade to Quick PDF Library 12 from Version 11: $269.00
Upgrade to Quick PDF Library 12 from Version 10 and earlier: $369.00

Buy Now with PayPal (includes samples and prototypes): $499.00
Buy Now with PayPal (includes samples, prototypes, clarion class wrapper and IceTips support): $549.00
Quick PDF with Premium Upgrade Protection (including prototypes, samples, class wrapper and IceTips PDF features): $625.00
Buy Update  from Version 11 with PayPal: $269.00
Buy Update with Premium Upgrade Protection from Version 11 with PayPal: $332.00
Upgrading from version 10 or earlier: $369.00
Buy Class Wrapper source with PayPal: $129.00
Buy Quick PDF Lite Edition Class Wrapper  with PayPal: $99.00

Licenses are royalty-free, so you can add PDF functionality to your applications and distribute them without having to pay extra

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