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11.06.13 Clarion QPL LT Wrapper Released
Easy access to the Debenu Quick PDF Library Lite Edition. Add functionality to your applications — such as the ability to convert images to PDF, add links to the web, get and set document properties, rotate pages, analyze document security and add images and text to documents
11.11.12 SocketTools Library Edition - Clarion samples, prototypes and class wrapper
Access to over 800 functions which can be used to develop applications that meet a wide range of needs including uploading and downloading files, sending and retrieving e-mail, remote command execution, terminal emulation, and much more.
10.10.12 LibXL - Direct reading and writing of the Excel files
Create and modify Excel files without Excel.
27.04.10 KSpng 1.2 released
Support for PNG, TIFF and other graphics formaft files. Alpha channel transparency support in PNG files.
05.10.06 TList7 Clarion Wrapper
Clarion wrapper for the TList7 ActiveX control released.
17.10.05 Crystal Clear Class Update
No need to distribute crpe32.dll with your application using CCC2.1.
18.02.05 Preview PDF Documents with the iSEDQuickPDF Control
Now it's possible to preview PDF documents with the Icetips Previewer.
08.05.04 TX Text Control ActiveX 11.0 now shipping.
What's new in TX Text Control 11.0.
26.04.04 ExcelWrite Class Product Update
Now with the template support. Export your data files to native XLS format without any handcoding!
08.03.04 wPDFControl Clarion Wrapper Product Update
The easiest way to generate PDF files form Clarion reports. Click here to check the latest examples and templates.
19.12.02 Special Pricing on wPDFControl/Clarion Wrapper Source when using PayPal
wPDFControl/ClarionWrapper Source Bundle only $239.95
Buy Now with PayPal
20.11.02 PDFWrite Class 2.0 Beta released
PDFWrite Class 2.0 - Create PDF documents without Adobe.
31.10.01 KStpw™ Templates released
KStpw™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the KlariSoft SplitBar control.
09.09.01 KSprbar™ Templates released
KSprbar™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the standard MS Windows progressbar control
09.06.01 KSSlider™ Templates released
KSSlider™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the standard MS Windows trackbar control
09.06.01 KSstbar™ Templates released
KSstbar™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the standard MS Windows statusbar control
09.06.01 Web site opened
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  • Using KSstbar™ and KSprbar™ templates together
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