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About Us

KlariSoft is a young, aggressively growing company specializing in software products and custom programming services. Since its inception in the early 2001 KlariSoft’s development team has been working in three main directions defining company’s creative strategy:

  • Tools for Clarion programmers ranging from simple utility templates to class/template wrappers of various third party software
  • Custom application programming services in the following environments: Clarion, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports, JAVA, Visual C++, and various GIS software
  • Web design and development

Not only do we create products, but we are the experts in custom programming and are available for contract work. Call us for a quote and see what is most cost-efficient for you

To receive more information about our projects and products please contact us at: info@klarisoft.com

71 Dixon Ave
Toronto, ON
M4L 1N5

tel: +1 860 265 1104
fax: +1 603 720 8567


  • Support KlariSoft.com
    If you found our examples and freeware tools useful you can make a donation to contribute to Klarisoft.com in supporting development of the new tools and examples.
  • Best Prices for the TX Text Control
    As an official reseller for The Imaging Source we offer the best possible deals for the latest version of TX Text Control.

  • Examples for Clarion Developers
    You will find a lot of useful Examples for Clarion Developers in the Examples section.
  • Using KSstbar™ and KSprbar™ templates together
    It is posible to include progress bar in a status bar. To accomplish that you need to have both templates (KSstbar™ and KSprbar™).

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