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Quick PDF Library - Full control of PDF documents in Clarion application

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About Quick PDF Library control from www.debenu.com provides the easiest way to get powerful control of PDF documents in your Clarion applications.
We provide Clarion developers with function prototypes of more than 700 Quick PDF Library APIs so you can fully utilize all the avilable features. Quick PDF Library works with Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.1/6.2/6.3, 7.3, 8, 9.1, 10 and can be used in both legacy and ABC applications. Have a look at the features and reasonable pricing, and marvel at control unrestrictive license. Then join hundreds of other developers around the world who trust Quick PDF Library with their programmatic PDF requirements  and download now.
KlariSoft is an official Quick PDF Library reseller and you can order control directly from us.

Features of the Quick PDF Library include:

1. TrueType font support (including font embedding)
2. Built-in barcode support
3. Import and append to any existing PDF file
4. Encryption and decryption (including 128-bit encryption)
5. Advanced drawing, including circles and arcs
6. Outline and hypertext functions
7. Embedded image support
8. Rotated text, multi-line paragraph text, word-wrapped paragraph text
9. Save-to-stream and Load-from-stream support for web serving
10. Page cloning technology
11. PDF merging technology
12. Form field support
13. Advanced page extraction
14. Page combining and imposition
15. PDF text extraction
16. PDF compression
17. PDF printing
18. File format conversions
19. Preview PDF files with the Icetips Previewer

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