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KSSlider™ - SliderBar Control Template

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About About KSSlider™ Template:
KSSlider™ Template gives Clarion user an easy access to the standard MS Windows trackbar control.

KSSlider™ can be used in Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.3, 8, 9.1 and 10 32-bit application. With the help of the templates you will be able to handle standard Windows 32-bit trackbar control in a "Clarion Way". Templates support placing of the trackbar control on a winodow/sheet/tab, autoresizing, tooltips and many other features.

KSSlider™ Template is a pure Clarion source (no dll or lib black boxes) based on the ABC/Legacy compliant SliderClass! Start using the templates and give you Clarion applications native MS Windows 32-bit look.

About trackbar Controls:
The common controls are a set of windows that are implemented by the common control library, which is a dynamic-link library (DLL) included with the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. Like other control windows, a common control is a child window that an application uses in conjunction with another window to perform I/O tasks.
A trackbar is a window that contains a slider and optional tick marks. When the user moves the slider, using either the mouse or the direction keys, the trackbar sends notification messages to indicate the change.

Trackbars are useful when you want the user to select a discrete value or a set of consecutive values in a range. For example, you might use a trackbar to allow the user to set the repeat rate of the keyboard by moving the slider to a given tick mark. The following illustration shows a typical trackbar.

The slider in a trackbar moves in increments that you specify when you create it. This range of values is referred to as logical units. For example, if you specify that the trackbar should have logical units that range from zero to five, the slider can occupy only six positions: a position at the left side of the trackbar and one position for each increment in the range. Typically, each of these positions is identified by a tick mark.

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