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Thread Safe Message Box

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About Thread Safe Message Box:
Standard Clarion MESSAGE window has its own ACCEPT loop which can cause some threading problems like unwanted thread switching. Thread safe message box class replaces standard Clarion MESSAGE dialog box with the Windows API based one. You will continue using MESSAGE call but standard Clarion MESSAGE window will be replaced with the Windows API based one. Everything is done with just one line of code:
Put TSMB.SetKSMsgBox(TRUE) anywhere in your app and MESSAGE statement will call standard Windows message dialog now. TSMB.SetKSMsgBox(FALSE) sets it back to Clarion message window.
If you have some random GPFs, "Mismatched PUSHSCOPE/POPSCOPE" and other threading related errors Thread Safe Message Box Class is worth a try.
Check the Demo app for a list of supported message box styles.

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