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Crystal Clear Class - Interface to Seagate Crystal Reports

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About About Crystal Clear Class:
Crystal Clear Class provides you with the means of seamless integration between your Clarion application and Crystal Reports. This is pure Clarion source without any dll "black boxes". Class is ABC/Clarion compatible and works with Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.3, 7,8,9.1 and 10. Crystal Reports versions from CR6 up to 2008 (12) are supported. "Must have" if you are planning to use power of Seagate Crystal Reports in your Clarion applications.

List of features include:
- Ability to embed Crystal report preview inside of the Clarion window to fit the whole client area or selected rectangle
- Export report to selected file formats or to the MAPI
- Log on to the SQL server
- Connect to the ODBC serever or use existing ODBC connection
- Pass parameters and formulas to reports/sub-reports
- Change database at run-time
- Change printer/paper orientation, paper size, zoom level etc at run-time
- Set a printer for the print job
- Works with C4, C5, C55, C6.3, C7, C8, C9.1, C10 and CR6, CR7, CR8, CR8.5, CR9.2, CR10.0, CR XI and CR 2008 compatible
- Support for the load on call feature so there is no need to distribute crpe32.dll with your app

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