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ExcelWrite Class - Create XLS files directly in Clarion

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About About ExcelWrite Class:

Now with template support. Super fast! Writes an Excel BIFF 2.1 spreadsheet file DIRECTLY. No external DLL's or Excel automation needed. Clarion source is also available for purchase. Great for exporting data from your application to an Excel spreadsheet without using any 3rd party tools.

List of features includes:
- Template support
- Set individual cell values and value types
- Set the spreadsheet margins in inches
- Set individual or a range of column widths
- You can specify the font, alignment and formatting for individual cells
- Handles cell borders, shading, locking and hiding
- You can specify Headers and Footers to appear on each printed page
- You can specify whether to print GridLines
- Individual cells can be protected
- Horizontal Page Breaks
- Default (global) row heights that affect the entire spreadsheet
- Abilitiy to set the height of individual rows
- SUM formula cells support
- Non-english charsets support
- 65536 rows allowed
- Source code available

If you are looking for the advanced features like reading Excel data, images, latest xlsx format support etc check our  LibXL Clarion Wrapper product

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