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KSInkPicture Control

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About KSInkPicture control is a Clarion friendly COM object which provides an easy access to the InkPicture control from MicroSoft. The InkPicture control provides the ability to place an image in an application and enable users to add ink on top of it. This can be useful for signature capture or when you want users to be able to sketch something that is fairly complicated or technical, such as a mathematical formula or a diagram of a particular business process.
KSInkPicture control package includes ActiveX object and Clarion class wrapper to easily integrate InkPicture functionality into Clarion application.
List of features includes support for the draw, eraser and select modes, resizing, adding background image, changing pen width and color, saving drawing in graphic or native formats to BLOB or file so user can edit notes later.
Clarion 6.3 - 10 (Legacy and ABC) is supported.

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