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WPViewPDF Control Wrapper - Display and Print PDF Files

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About About wpViewPDF Control wrapper:
WPViewPDF from wpcubed GmbH can be used to quickly display and print PDF files which were created with the Clarion report engine, wPDFControl or wRTF2PDF or with another library. It is directly embedded in your application.

Why do I need a PDF viewer component?

 If you need to embed a PDF viewer into your application for fast preview of the PDF files without using Adobe then you need WPViewPDF.
 If you need to load PDF file directly from BLOB without saving to a temporary disk file.

 If you need to print the PDF files created by your own application, then you need WPViewPDF which makes it possible to print several PDF files using just one printer job without starting any external application.

 If you need to extract an ASCII text from a PDF file, then you can use WPViewPDF.
 Last but not least: Imagine a powerful and versatile Clarion print and preview engine which is based completely on PDF files. The PDF files are created with the wPDFControl and then viewed, printed, merged with WPViewPDF, stored or sent via e-mail!
Try it now:
wPDFC8Demo.zip (5.88 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo
wPDFC9Demo.zip (5.88 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo
wPDFC91Demo.zip (5.88 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo

Clarion 5.5, 6.3, 7.1, 8, 9/9.1, 10  both Legacy and ABC are supported.



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