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wPDFControl Wrapper - Save Clarion Reports to PDF

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About About wPDFControl DLL Clarion wrapper:
Clarion wrapper for the wPDFControl DLL from wpcubed GmbH. This dll allows to create full featured PDF files directly from Clarion application. Built in WMF support allows to save Clarion reports in PDF format. No need for the ActiveX registartion, wrapper works directly with DLL.  RTF2PDF version also allows to save RTF and HTML documents to PDF format. Works with Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.3, 7, 8, 9/9.1, 10.

List of features includes:
Multiple fonts support
Text color and charsets
Graphic output functions (lines, rectangles)
Different image formats including WMF (Save Clarion reports to PDF!)
PDF Compression
Access to a graphic device handle (DC) of the PDF document for direct printing
Password protection of the PDF documents
Icetips Previewer support
Email PDF files using EmailData templates from Vivid Help
RTF2PDF conversion

Imagine a powerful and versatile Clarion print and preview engine which is based completely on PDF files. The PDF files are created with the wPDFControl and then viewed, printed, merged with WPViewPDF, stored or sent via e-mail!
Try it now:
wPDFC8Demo.zip (2.42 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo
wPDFC9Demo.zip (2.44 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo
wPDFC91Demo.zip (2.94 MB)  - Fully functional PDF based reporting solution demo

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