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Video Capture Class

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About You can easily incorporate video capture capabilities into your application by using Clarion wrapper for the MicroSoft AVICap window class. AVICap supports streaming video capture and single-frame capture in real-time. In addition, AVICap provides control of video sources that are Media Control Interface (MCI) devices so the user can control (through an application) the start and stop positions of a video source, and augment the capture operation to include step frame capture.

List of Features

- Create capture window on Clarion form
- Capture audio and video streams to an audo-video interleaved (AVI) file.
- Connect and disconnect video and audio input devices dynamically.
- View a live incoming video signal by using the overlay or preview methods.
- Specify a file to use when capturing and copy the contents of the capture file to another file.
- Set the capture rate.
- Display dialog boxes that control the video source and format.
- Create, save, and load palettes.
- Copy images and palettes to the clipboard.
- Capture and save a single image as a device-independent bitmap (BMP) or JPG file.
- Clarion 5, 5.5, 6.3, 8.0, 9.1, 10 (ABC/Legacy) compatible

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